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What Is the Best Mp4 Convert Tool?
3/1/2007 | 4551

What is the best mp4 convert tool? We would introduce Surround Mp4 Tool 3.1 to you. It’s developed by Evergreen Studio.

The main features of the Surround Mp4 Tool 3.1 –

1.     Support normal and full-screen preview.

2.     Support converting avi., mpeg1/2/4, quicktime, wmv., 3gp., vob., dat., mov., asf., etc. those video files into avi. format.

3.     Support parameter setting under Fast Configuration, or Advanced Configuration.

4.     Self-defined video encode format (XVID and H263).

5.     Self-defined output video size (CIF 352 * 288, QCIF 176 * 144, or SUBQCIF 128 * 96).

6.     Self-defined output video frame rate and bit rate.

7.     Self-defined output audio sample rate and bit rate.

8.     Self-defined output volume.

9.     Support resetting default parameters.

10.   Support inserting self-defined or downloaded caption.

11.   Support showing detailed information of coding format, size, frame rate and time.

12.   Support clip conversion and total conversion.

13.   Support one key conversion without setting parameters.

14.   Support advanced conversion to convert 5.1 channel, vob. File into surround mp4.

15.   If the original file is double-channeled (e.g. MTV of dat. format from VCD), it will be converted to karaoke file, using left and right channel to realize karaoke function in your mobile phone or digital player.

Please contact us for applying for the shared download link. It’s completely free.

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