MQ3 iPod Docking Tube Amplifier

In 2005, we started the audio business. In the same year, we launched the mini tube amplifier M01A and the bookshelf speaker M01S


Classic M20A Pre Tube Amplifier

It’s been 15 years since its 1st generation release, you can still see her on the production line today. It’s a true classic.


M30A Pure Tube Amplifier

Music Infinity’s first pure tube amplifier. To this day, people often ask about this machine.


ART Series Bookshelf Speaker

During the years 2008~2011, our team has developed the M40A pure valve amplifier, as well as the ART series bookshelf speakers.


Classic M20A Pre Tube Amplifier

The 2nd generation launched in 2015. So far it has more than 5 variants to meet customers’ demands.


Spotless V1 Integrated Tube Amplifier

Developed V1 amplifier in partnership with Spotless team.


Spotless A1 Integrated Tube Amplifier

A deeper partnership with the Spotless team on A1 tube amplifier development and production.

The complexity of A1 is more than ever. However, it has gained extraordinary success in the Chinese market.