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Spotless D1 Mini Desktop Stereo Amplifier


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Spotless Audio


Spotless is an authentic, simple, approachable, and unpretentious brand of traditional handicrafts.

We believe in sticking to our ideas and original designs, injecting thoughts and emotions into every detail and every product, to give it more vitality. We don’t strive for perfection; we strive to hold the nostalgic mood and to interpret the artisanal sentiment of age, to the old traditional handicraft works, which remind us how to listen to the years’ footprints.

Whether auditory, visual, or tactile, our handicrafts will quietly wait for your heart to approach them, understand them, and feel them.

spotless audio logo
Spotless Seed Story

Story of Seed

What is the most powerful thing on the planet?

Some people say elephant, some say lion,
some joke that it is King Kong.

How much power King Kong has,
of course, we do not know.

In Spotless terms, the most powerful thing in the world
is the seed of a plant.

The power revealed by a seed is infinite.

Spotless D1 Class AB stereo amplifier Mini –

NEW INTERPRETATION of compact desktop art

It is made for you who beautify the world with love. With joy, listening together!


Discrete Design

Very compact, challenge the size limit


Small Dimensions

As small as 86 * 145 * 166 mm


Special Customized UI Power

Smooth tone, charming midrange


Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0 APTX stereo



Sound with soul


Birch Wood Cabinet

Following the traditional materials used for musical instruments

Spotless D1 Desktop Stereo Amplifier

Seeing is believing, the new generation Seed mini audio system

All seeds of faith break out of the ground, without thinking about whether they will encounter rain or sunshine. For with resistance comes trials and growth.

After four years of journey, Spotless is launching a mini audio system with a new look.

Spotless D1 stereo amplifier + Seed 2.1 bookshelf speaker + Seed 4×4 subwoofer tower + 211 bookshelf speaker stand

Spotless mini audio system

No minimum, only smaller. Purely hand-built discrete Class AB stereo amplifier

The amplifier part uses ne5532 + lm1875. The sound is charming withstands a test.

The power supply part uses a UI-type transformer. This type of transformer has the advantages of both the square and the toroidal transformers’ sound characteristics, maintaining the square transformer’s smooth tone, charming midrange, and the dynamics of a toroidal transformer.

Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip, you can enjoy wireless high-quality stereo music from your phones. Qualcomm QCC3008 chip powered, supports APTX, APTXLL, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, TWS, AAC, and IIS.

Spotless desktop mini stereo system

It begins with beauty,
but it is more than beauty.

The D1 stereo amplifier + Seed 2.1 bookshelf speakers are highly compact.

It can perform chamber music with beautiful strings and infectious human voices through its clever acoustic design. The low frequencies are thick and powerful, with an excellent sound density, especially for playback of vocals, violins, and other string instruments.

seed stereo system

The visual and auditory disparity of sensation

Seed 2.1 bookshelf speaker’s original unique inverted design, using a special inverted system, low-frequency volume dive has been significantly improved!

Seed 2.1 bookshelf speaker is suitable for 10-15 square meters of space for listening. The small size is easy to place, as long as you find the best balance between space, speaker placement, and listening position, the sound is easy to touch your soul.

back view of D1 stereo amp

Tech Specifications

Output Power

2 x 22 watts

Power Supply

110V, 50Hz

220V, 50Hz

Audio Input

RCA *1

Bluetooth 5.0 *1

** the Bluetooth chip is Qualcomm QCC3008, supports APTX, SBC, AAC, and A2DP protocols

Frequency Response

20~20 KHz


<1% / 1w 1kHz

Output Impedance

4~8 OHM

Input Sensitivity



86*145*166 mm


2.5 KGS

D1 dimensions
seed 2.1 mini audio system
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