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Spotless Handmade Solid Copper Audiophile Speaker Cable


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Spotless Audio


Spotless is an authentic, simple, approachable, and unpretentious brand of traditional handicrafts.

We believe in sticking to our ideas and original designs, injecting thoughts and emotions into every detail and every product, to give it more vitality. We don’t strive for perfection; we strive to hold the nostalgic mood and to interpret the artisanal sentiment of age, to the old traditional handicraft works, which remind us how to listen to the years’ footprints.

Whether auditory, visual, or tactile, our handicrafts will quietly wait for your heart to approach them, understand them, and feel them.

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With the spreading of industrialization, fast food culture is prevalent. “Hand-made” is declining. The pure skills are disappearing day by day.

The times call for “artisan spirit” — sentiment, perseverance, and responsibility.

Spotless has always insisted on handmade, which reflects the listeners’ pursuit of quality, and holds the memory of a generation of nostalgia.


Wisdom and accumulation of handcrafted audiophile speaker cable

This speaker cable is handmade of solid copper base wires – 1 positive wire, plus 2 negative wires braided. It is soft, with high purity silver-plated solid copper banana plugs, the speaker cable exterior is covered with shock-absorbing mesh.

For audiophiles who want high-quality audio but have a limited budget, this solid copper speaker cable is the answer. A small investment to experience the touching music emotions.


The base wire is derived from British antique wire. The wire diameter is small but contains wisdom.

The braiding method makes the sound balanced. For low-frequency, it’s dive deep, steady, and smooth. The midrange is full and airy. The high frequency is delicate and round.

The audiophile speaker cable is suitable for neutral sound systems.


The 4mm banana plug is with high purity silver-plated solid copper, which has excellent conductivity. 

With good elasticity, reasonable design, and excellent plugging performance, it is used by many famous brands.

The sound is smooth, rich in details, fast in dynamics.


Tech Specifications

Plug Type

4mm banana plug

Plug Material

silver-plated solid copper

Base Wire

pure copper


nylon braided shock-absorbing mesh sleeve

Cable Length

2.3~2.8 meters (90″~110″)


one pair


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